Beach Lifeguard training is designed to teach you the knowledge and skills necessary to supervise the beach and act appropriately in case of calamities. Physical fitness is essential when taking this course. An important part of the exam is a swim test in which you have to swim 400 meters within 8 minutes.
The entire Beach Lifeguard course is practical; theory is translated directly into practical assignments as much as possible. This way you learn to apply your new knowledge immediately. Topics covered during the course are: risk assessment, currents and tides, use of tools, weather science, rescue procedures, cooperation with other emergency services, preventive action, use of signals, first aid, resuscitation, use of AED, etc.

To participate in the course you must be 16 years or older and in possession of a swimming diploma. The course takes 5 days, followed by an exam day. The price of the course, including textbook, registration, exam and certificate is € 525.00 (p.p.)

Rescue board & Surf modules
Both modules are offered as standard in the Beach Lifeguard course. The rescue board module teaches you the skills to use the rescue board for possible rescues.
The Surf module is a mandatory part for surf coaches.  You will learn how to perform rescues with and without aids in more difficult circumstances (minimum 1 meter waves).

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