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Ready to take your water safety skills to the next level? Our Beach Lifeguard training course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to supervise the beach and act appropriately in case of emergencies. During the course, you'll learn about topics such as risk assessment, currents and tides, rescue procedures, and first aid, among others. Plus, our practical approach means that you'll be able to apply your new knowledge directly to real-life scenarios.


But that's not all! Our Beach Lifeguard course also includes additional modules to enhance your skills and make you a more effective and versatile lifeguard. The Rescue Board module teaches you how to use a rescue board for possible rescues, while the Surf module is mandatory for surf coaches and covers rescues in more challenging conditions.

To participate in the Beach Lifeguard course, you must be 16 years or older and have a swimming diploma. The course takes 5 days, followed by an exam day. And with the price of €525.00 (p.p.), which includes the textbook, registration, exam, and certificate, it's an affordable investment in your safety and professional development. Every other year the course needs to be renewed, this takes 3 days and cost €250 (p.p.).

Don't wait to take your water safety skills to the next level! Sign up for our Beach Lifeguard course today and get ready to make a difference on the beach.

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