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Looking for top-quality beach and open water safety training? Look no further than our expert courses! We offer a range of courses to meet your needs, including our official Beach Lifeguard training and a shortened version designed specifically for securing events, competitions, and standing water swimming areas. Our experienced and certified lifeguards are here to help you gain the knowledge and skills you need to stay safe in the water.

Our Beach and Open Water courses are designed to meet the highest safety standards, so you can feel confident and prepared when you hit the waves. Plus, our Beach Lifeguard courses are fully or partially covered by many health insurers, making them a smart and affordable investment in your safety and well-being.

Ready to take your water safety skills to the next level? Click here to learn more about our Beach Lifeguard course and here to learn more about our Open Water course. Don't wait – sign up today and get ready to enjoy the water with confidence and peace of mind!

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