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FIRST AID TRAINING is a recognized Medic First Aid training center. Training courses as you would expect from us: compact, clear, practical and internationally recognized! provides the following modules:  MFA Basic plus + AED, MFA Oxygen and the MFA instructor course. We also provide in-company training.  For more information and a quotation please contact:

MFA Basic + AED
In this comprehensive first aid course with CPR, we focus on sports and water related accidents. Drowning and its consequences are covered in detail.
The use of the AED is a separate part of this course. The AED is an increasingly used tool within the first aid and you will find it more and more at all kinds of accommodations.  Although operating this device is not rocket science, it does have its advantages that you know what to expect when using the AED.
As you expect from us, we combine theory with practical skills.  Both parts will be tested. The course takes 4 half-days, the price is € 135.00.  This price includes reader, exam, registration and certificate.

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