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Lifeguard swimming pool (toezichthouder zwembad, as we know it in the Netherlands) is a compact training with the ultimate goal of the ILS recognized diploma.
The training takes 5 days (4 1/2 days training, 1/2 day exam).  Very practical with many skills you need to have a good supervision and where necessary to intervene in a rescue.
The training is divided into 3 modules
Module 1: Prevention / monitoring: issues that will be od include NOP, EAP, zoning, scanning, etc,
Module 2: Intervention: much "water time" where we pay attention to performing rescues and what is involved.
Module 3: First Aid: theory and learning various skills (an internationally recognized First Aid certificate is part of the training)
After successfully completing the training you can get to work immediately, no long internships, no endless filling out of documents but nice and practical and "to the point".
Minimum age to participate is 16 years. Price incl. reader, registration and exam is EURO 595,00 (p.p.)
Many health insurers reimburse the POOL lifeguard in whole or in part.

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