Trainer Assessors are responsible for the delivery of RLSS professional qualifications across the UK.
If you are an experienced first aider, pool lifeguard, open water lifeguard, beach lifeguard, National Rescue Award swimming instructor or pool emergency worker with ER Pool, then this could be the next step for you.
What it entails. To become a Trainer Assessor, you must take a course. Once the course has been successfully completed, you will leave as a Probationary RLSS UK Trainer Assessor for AED and the qualification you have selected. The probationary period is up to two years after completion of the course and you will be supported by a National Trainer Assessor or a Mentor.
Course requirements Any candidate taking a Trainer Assessor course must be: 18 years of age, Become a member of the Royal Life Saving Society UK and Hold a full qualification for the specialist course (e.g. if you are taking a course to become a National Pool Lifeguard Qualification Trainer Assessor, you must hold a current National Pool Lifeguard qualification)
Course Content The Trainer Assessor course varies in number of days depending on which specialty you choose. The course will consist of four modules: Train the Trainer (1 day) Train the Assessor (1 day) CPR and AED (1 day) Qualification specialty, which may be one of the following: National Pool Lifeguard Qualification Trainer Assessor (2 days) National Beach Lifeguard Qualification Trainer Assessor (3 days) Open Water Lifeguard Qualification Trainer Assessor (1 day) National Rescue Award for Swim Teachers and Coaches Trainer Assessor (1 day) First Aid Trainer Assessor (1 day) ER Pool Trainer Assessor (1 day)
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